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The hassle of handling wet dogs is gone. Imagine a car that isn't covered in water and doesn't smell funny after a well-spent day with your dog at the beach, or a house that doesn't have a pile of stinky wet towels after every bath. Simply put our Drying Poncho over your wet dog and fasten the strap around the belly, and your job is done.


Banana Leaf drying coats are made from the finest bamboo towelling to quickly dry wet dogs! Our material is breathable and antibacterial; therefore, it doesn't absorb unpleasant odours after use.


Unlike other commercial brands on the market, our drying coats are designed carefully and smartly in collaboration with a veterinarian physiotherapist, Megan Taylor, to make sure your dog can run freely without disruption or having the coat slip off, thanks to our long shoulder strap technology.


Our Drying coats come with a long turtleneck that can reach all the way up to the ears, which can also be folded down when not needed, as well as a leash opening and a sturdy velcro belly belt so that even the strongest shake will not slip the coat off.


Our Dog Coats are highly recommended for use after wet walks, beach trips, bath times, swimming, desert trips, and hikes.

Butterscotch Yellow

  • Product Specifications

    • Highly absorbent bamboo toweling.
    • Leash opening.
    • Smart shoulder strap so the dogs can run freely.
    • Suitable for washing machines and dryers.
    • Sturdy velcro belly belt.


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